Padma’s detailed profile



  • Translator of more than 70 of Osho’s books.
  • Transformational coach and meditator with three plus decades of experience.
  • Entrepreneur.

Career highlights

  • Joined Centers Network as assistant to Ms. Khurshid Merchant, Forum Leader of Erhard Seminars Training programs in India. Was coached by Khurshid Merchant in the transformational trainings. Managed the logistics and administrative work of organizing the programs between 1984 and 1987.
  • Trained over 10,000 individuals for breakthrough improvements in their personal effectiveness —1985-1997
  • Started a private limited company in Bangalore which served as a spiritual bookshop, while simultaneously offering desktop publishing and internet center facilities between 1988 and 2003.
  • Beginning 1990 engaged as a volunteer with Prarambha, an NGO in Bangalore, to work with rural youth, children who were being rehabilitated in remand homes and street children being rehabilitated. Trained over 2000 children through programs that enabled them to heal their emotional wounds, recreate their emotional strength, create goals and accomplish them, develop harmonious relationships and manage themselves in unfriendly environments.
  • Have conducted more than 50 meditation programs as a commitment to share the work of Osho.
  • Created a publishing unit in 1985 and named it Anubhava Prakashana. Have published over 60 titles of Osho’s work in Kannada.  Have translated over 70 books of Osho’s work (till now) – the translations include books on Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Dharma Pada of Buddha, Krishna, Ashtavakra, Zen, Lao Tsu, Mystics such as Kabir, Daya, Sahajo, Meditations, Yoga. 10 more titles are in various stages of printing and the work of translation continues.
  • Practiced organic farming personally — 1993-2003.
  • Started Osho Nisargam Meditation Center in 2014. Organized 7 large group Meditation programs – each program of 5 days.  Conducting one day Meditations on an ongoing basis at the Center in Bangalore, Tumkur and Kollegal.  In addition conducting Learning to Learn program for a group of Women in Tumkur and a Teenagers’ group in Tumkur.

Professional association 1981 - 1993

Participated in “Women in Rural Development” – a program of 3 months in National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad and Birmingham University, UK – was sponsored by British Council –