Hurry, hurry… 5-day December camp barely 1 week away … all are welcome

All are welcome to join the 5-day meditation camp

Starts from 2:00 pm Thursday Dec 26, and ends at 5:00 pm on Mon Dec 30. Location is at the beautiful and serene Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore.

 Date: Dec 26 (Thu) 2:00 pm – Dec 30 (Mon) 5:00 pm 2019

Location: Pyramid Valley International (link)
Dormitory: Rs. 5000 per person
Room (Twin sharing): Rs. 8000 per person
Note – costs include food and accommodation
Remittance details:
Name: Osho Nisargam Meditation Centre
IFSC: KVBL 000 1313
Acct: 1313 155 000 109692
Please call Ma Bodhi Nisarg at 94481 46457 to confirm your remittance.



Rejoicing Osho’s birthday on Dec 11, 2019!

Celebrations started from mid-day as people flocked to the medication center to help with decorations.

Agenda for the evening:

  1. New Kannada book launch
  2. Birthday cake cutting
  3. Dance performance
  4. Group meditation
  5. Celebrations with music and dance
  6. Dinner 

It started with the launch of the new book in Kannada – “Sanyaas”, translated by Ma Bodhi Nisarg and edited by Swami Kiran.

Delicious home-made cake… kids (and adults) were drooling over it… eagerly waiting to take a bite.

After enjoying wonderful cake and snacks, everyone sat down to enjoy the evening. Started with a dance performance, followed by meditation and then rejoicing in music and dance.

The evening ended around 9 pm with a sumptuous feast of home-made vegetarian food prepared and loving offered by fellow Osho sanyasins. 

More than 50 people attended the celebrations. Everyone left with a smile on their face and heart full of joy.

Highlights of 7-day meditation camp held in Aug 2019

Bansuri, dance, laughter and silence... in the lap of nature

7 days of intense meditation. Up at 5:00 am. In the meditation hall by 5:30 am. Meditation after meditation till 8:00 pm, with short breaks for tea and lunch. Dinner at 8:30 pm and back to room soon after!

It was grey and rainy throughout. The clouds hid the moon during the nights, while the rain drummed us to sleep. 

The space was welcoming , serene and peaceful.

Clear water collected everywhere. Puddles  mirrored the sky and the trees. 

It rained…

water, flower petals, and leaves … 

Nature walk with new friends… and hearty laugh with old ones…

Smelt lemongrass … and stuck fallen rain-blown petals in our hair

… admired the food that we ate…

Learnt to dance… and … rolled in mirth on the floor…

Children were welcome, they played and walked in and out while their parents meditated …

All of us were refreshed, glowing and happy at the end of our 7 day camp. 

Welcome to one and all

Welcome to one and all

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